This blog is a vehicle to discuss:

  • everyone’s capacity to teach and educate
  • education reform in United States
  • creating health change in the the queer community
  • leading social change in quasi-rural states (like Montana and Alaska)
  • and using humor and pop culture as a means to bridge generational gaps (this is my “I can talk about music, movies, and TV” trump card)

About Josh

I’ve been involved with the Anchorage community since my youth (Commonwealth NorthBoy ScoutsRock the VoteBlood Bank of Alaska, speech & debate). My Montana experiences include participation in a governor’s task force on methamphetamine abuse and the Gallatin Valley Human Rights Task Force; as well as conducting diversity training for MSU Residence Life. Presently, I conduct community outreach and health education in Billings, Montana.

I have a wide variety of perspectives that enable me to contribute to a group of young leaders, but I also appreciate the opportunity to learn from veteran leaders’ experiences. My degree in Community Health, CHES credentials, AAHE membership, and background in graphic design and journalism enable me to effect change within a community by using multiple modes of communication.

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